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Answered By: William Gee
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019     Views: 151

To place a request, login to ILLiad.

Select the request form (on the left hand side) that is most like the item you want. If you are not sure, select the closest one or select the Other request form. 

Enter the citation information you have for the desired item (title, author, year, etc.). If you are uncertain of your citation, please Ask a Librarian before placing your request.

  • Provide as much information as you have, especially the ISBN, ISSN, PMID, or DOI if you happen to have it.
  • If you have special instructions, please enter them in the Notes field (e.g. must be a DVD or in Spanish).
  • Change the Not Wanted After date if you need the item sooner or if you can wait longer. We always try to fill requests as quickly as possible, though.
  • Please don't abbreviate titles.
  • Request one item per request form (i.e. multiple chapters from the same book must be made as separate requests). 

Click submit. You're done -- library employees will do the rest! You will be notified by email when the item is available, or if there are any specific questions we may have about your request. You may log back into ILLiad to check on the status of your request at anytime or contact your library's Interlibrary Loan office ( or 252-328-6068).

If you are placing requests for a faculty member as her/his assistant, please consider creating a Research Account.

Encounter an error while submitting a request? You might have left a required field blank on a request form or have entered the required information in an incorrect format; if so, red text will be displayed at the top of the form to give you directions. Your ILLiad session may have also ended since sessions only last 30 minutes; simply login to ILLiad again. ILLiad could be experiencing a system outage or error; please try again or contact your library's Interlibrary Loan office.

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