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There are two methods available for students to use when printing from their personal laptop devices:

PaperCut Mobility Print (recommended)
The first option students may use is downloading the PaperCut Mobility Print* plugin and following the setup instructions provided on the page.  The two-step process will connect your laptop to the appropriate printer.  Once it the print job has been sent, users may log into any of the student printing kiosks in the library using their PirateID and Passphrase to release their print job by selecting the "Print" option for that print job in their print queue.

*Note: The provided above link will take you to instructions for setting up mobility print on laptops utilizing the Windows operating system.  If your computer uses an Apple or Chrome OS, you can access those instructions by scrolling down and clicking the appropriate link.


Pirate Print Web Print
Alternatively, students may also print from their devices by using the Web Print page through the Pirate Print website to upload their print job.  When uploading the item you wish to print, select the first option, "papercut\PiratePrint (virtual)", for the printer name.  You can then release it at any of the student printing kiosks in Joyner Library.  (Please see below for detailed instructions on using the Pirate Print website to submit print jobs.)

Using Pirate Print

  • In your web browser, navigate to
  • Sign in with your PirateID and Passphrase
  • Click the "Submit a Job" button
  • Select the first printer - papercut\PiratePrint (virtual)
  • Scroll down and click the "Print Options and Account Selection" button
  • Click the "Upload from computer button and select the documents you need to print
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Upload & Complete"
  • Once your document status shows "Held in queue" you can print your documents at any student printing kiosk in the library


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