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Privacy statement

Joyner Library is the intellectual heart of East Carolina University. We connect people to information and empower their lifelong learning by developing robust collections, superior services, and people-friendly spaces. Joyner Library is also a learning organization and is committed to the responsible and ethical use of data to support our operational and strategic needs in alignment with our mission, values and university commitments.


Examples of ways the library uses data include:

  • To circulate books, equipment, and other library resources
  • To improve the provision of resources and services to existing and underserved populations
  • To support patron use of library spaces, access to technology and to ensure security
  • To assess use, demand, and satisfaction with library resources and services
  • To document the library’s contributions to teaching, learning, and research outcomes
  • To execute functions that facilitate user access with certain third-party providers.

Joyner Library is also committed to honoring the discretion, privacy, and future opportunity of its community, as well as compliance with FERPA and the policies, rules, and regulations established by East Carolina University and federal and state laws.


Guidelines for data collection and analysis

  1. To the greatest extent possible, user data collected from library engagement, either in-person or online, is limited to anonymized, non-identifiable demographic and academic information. Demographic and academic information consists of categories such as student classification (e.g. freshman, senior, graduate student), major, gender, grade point average, targeted population status (e.g. first-generation, transfer, Honors), and duration of library engagement.
  2. Direct access to information which can be directly or indirectly tied to a specific person--is limited to that which is required by workflow processes to run queries and generate reports. It is deleted at the earliest possible point of the information collection, reporting, and analysis process. The goal is to collect and retain only the minimum amount of information needed to provide and evaluate library-related services. The library strives to keep all personally identifiable information confidential and does not sell, license, or disclose personal information without consent unless compelled to do so under the law or as necessary to protect library resources or library operations.
  3. Joyner Library employees are regularly trained and reminded of their responsibilities with respect to student information. Those with direct access to personally identifiable user data are required to have completed applicable data management and privacy training.
  4. User data generated for analysis is stored in a secured ECU network location with restricted password access and, whenever possible, deleted at the earliest possible point of the information collection, analysis, and reporting process. It is used for service improvement and not for research.

For questions about the library’s user data collection and analysis, please contact the Assistant Director for Public Services, Mark Sanders, at or 252-558-3563.

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