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Answered By: William Gee
Last Updated: Aug 03, 2023     Views: 2969

Each semester, the ECU Libraries receive a download of student, faculty, and staff contact information to update our circulation system. Whenever you move offices on campus or change where you live, or change your phone number, please update your contact information for the University and the ECU Libraries. To do so, follow these simple steps.

  1. Login to Pirate Port
  2. Search for My Information
  3. Click on Personal Information.
  4. Click on Address or Phone Number to update as needed.

By updating your contact information, the University's records, the online directory, and Outlook will be updated and the Libraries will receive the updated information in the next download.

If you intend to request office or home delivery of library materials soon, please contact the Libraries directly to ask us to update your contact information in our systems now: Joyner Library at or 252-328-6690; Laupus Library at or 252-744-2219.

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