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Answered By: Katy Webb
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2014     Views: 104

Instructional classrooms and larger conference spaces in Joyner Library are for the library's use only. The library procedural manual states that the computer classrooms and other large spaces are for use by library staff only for instruction and library meetings. This is due to the high demand for these spaces. The policy can be viewed here. This means that these spaces cannot be reserved for use by groups such as sororities and fraternities, clubs on campus, special presentations, or for larger group study sessions.

There are many small study rooms in Joyner Library that can be reserved. Small study rooms accommodate 1-2 people. Larger group study rooms accommodate approximately 8 people. Around exam time, certain instructional classrooms may be opened as large study areas to alleviate issues of space, but these cannot be reserved. 

If you are still in need of space, there are other places to go. The Central Reservations Office schedules for Mendenhall, Bate, Science and Technology, and other areas on campus. They can be reached at 252-328-4731 or 

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