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You can use the form below to submit a question.  Alternatively, on the right side of this page, there is a "Contact Us" section where you can start a live chat session with us when we are open.


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  1. As of June 8, 2023, I'm getting an error message when I try to use this form to submit a question for a librarian: "Page not found. Oops! The page you are trying to access does not exist. This could be because the link you clicked was not formed properly, or because the requested page has been deleted."
    by HD on Jun 08, 2023
  2. HD, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into what is causing this issue and republish this FAQ entry as soon as possible. - MW
    by Matt Whaley on Jun 11, 2023
  3. HD, the form has been replaced and should be working now. Please let us know if you run into any other issues with the form on this page, and thank you again for bringing this to our attention. - MW
    by Matt Whaley on Jun 11, 2023

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