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Answered By: Johnnie Swindell
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Joyner Library

KIC Scanners are located on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors near Research and Instructional Services, Teaching Resources Center, and the North Carolina Collection, respectively.  They are stand alone scanners that allow users to scan high quality images of books and papers and email/save the scans. In order to print, you must email the scans to yourself, log in to your email, open the email, and then print. For information about printing, visit our Technology in the Library webpage.

Laupus Library

Unlike scanning, you have to pay to make photocopies. They are $0.10 per page.

The photocopier is located on the 3rd floor of Laupus Library, behind the elevator and near the standing computer stations.

You have two choices for making photocopies:

  1. Place your ECU 1 card into the machine next to the photocopier and add money (machine takes $1, $5, and old $10 and $20 bills) OR
  2. Purchase a copy card from the machine. The card will cost $1 and you will have $0.70 left to make copies. You can add more money to the copy card at any time (the $0.30 is a one-time charge for that card)

Place your 1 Card or copy card into the card slot on the copy machine and proceed with copying.

When you have finished making copies press the "End" button on the card reader to retrieve your card.

Music Library

The Music Library has a KIC scanner that allows users to scan books, scores, and papers.  In order to print, the patron must then email the scans to themselves, log in to their email, open the email, and print to one of our public printers.  Printing costs 2 cents for black and white and 10 cents for color printouts..

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