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ECU students may easily print in the libraries using the Pirate Print system. Instructions follow in this FAQ and a printed copy of the instructions is available at the Circulation Desk. Student technology fees currently provide $30.00 per academic year for student printing ($10 for each of the Fall and Spring Semesters and $5 for each of the summer sessions).  Black and white printing costs $0.02 per page.  Color printing costs $0.10 per page. More information about the Pirate Print system, including quotas, when quotas will be replenished, and how to add funds to your account, is available at the ITCS Pirate Print website.

ECU faculty, staff, and other library patrons cannot use the student print stations in the library or the instructions listed below. Please consult our non-student printing FAQ, these instructions, or Ask a Librarian for assistance printing in the library if you are an ECU faculty, staff, or other library patron. Printed copies of the instructions for faculty, staff, and other library patrons are available the Circulation desk, as well.


1. When you click print, make sure "Joyner#" is the selected printer.  (The "#" symbol in the printer name will be replaced by a number.)  Make sure the settings you would like to use are properly selected, such as color or grayscale/balck and white, printing single-sided or double-sided, as well as paper size and type, if necessary.

Note:  To print in color, click "Preferences" or "Printer Properties," and set the color option to “Color."

2. After sending the print job, users can retrieve their printed materials from the printer corresponding with the "#" the printer name.


If you have any questions about printing or experience any errors while printing, please ask someone at one of the service desks - we will be glad to help!

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  1. What brand of printers do they use?
    by john on Feb 08, 2024
  2. Thank you for your question, John. We use Konica Minolta printers in the main campus library. Best, MW
    by Matt Whaley on Feb 08, 2024

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