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Due Dates

Each item borrowed through interlibrary loan has the due date printed on the label, displayed in ILLiad, and listed in the notification email or text message you received. Due dates vary because they are set by the lending libraries according to their local policies. Most loan periods range from two weeks to a month, but some are for less or more time.

If you need an item longer than the due date, ask for a renewal. If you will need an item for months or think others in your field could benefit from the item being owned by the ECU Libraries, you may request that the libraries purchase a copy.


Most lending libraries allow one renewal, usually just for one to two more weeks. You may request a renewal from within ILLiad by clicking on the 'renew' button or you may contact the Interlibrary Loan office ( or 252-328-6068). We will inform you by email of the new due date or that the lending library has denied your request. 

If the lending library does not permit renewals for the item, the label and email will state "NO RENEWALS."

If you need an item longer than the renewal period or if you cannot obtain a renewal, you will need to return the item you have and ask the Interlibrary Loan office to borrow a different copy from another library.


A lending library might recall a loaned item for use by one of its own patrons. In such a case, you will be emailed that you need to return the item before the due date and you may ask the Interlibrary Loan office to request a different copy.

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